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The Fabulous Collection

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The name 'Charles de Beaune' has been created based on the city Beaune in France that is known for being the wine capital of Burgundy in the Cote d'Or department in eastern France.


It is also known for the annual some auction of the Hospices de Beaune.


With a rich historical and architectural heritage, Beaune hosts facilities and cellars of many producers and include the old market (les Halles), the 15th-century Hospices, the Beffroi (clock tower), and the collegiate church of Notre Dame, in addition of being an old city, with a direct link to the Dukes of Burgundy, which had many travelling visitors mainly painters who used to decorate the Hospices.


Beaune is also known for being a "ville fleurie", keeping its ecological lineage especially around its vineyards and giving a great importance to its fauna and flora throughout the centuries. 

The Fabulous Collection

Uniting the art and fragrance worlds, this exclusive Collection of five ultra-luxurious fragrances is inspired by a great perfumer, which perfectly represent the genius of this extraordinary artist. 

The Fabulous Collection is an invitation to this enchanting journey through olfactory sensations, eastern reveries to a bewitching otherworldliness, with breath-taking landmarks 











The Charles De Beaune Story

The Lost Manuscript

Our hero is a XVth century aristocrat who used to help in the famous hospices of Beaune where he encountered many artists, painters and travelers who came from European port-cities.


Those visitors brought with them their own culture and their own encounters with foreign cultures, and Charles de Beaune had a special interest in the different perfumes they used to bring along with them.


In fact, Charles de Beaune became so passionate about the perfumes that it was said that he wrote a whole manuscript on the topic that was since known as:"The Lost Manuscript of Perfumes". 

The Story

"Charles de Beaune" is a new aristocratic scent that traces back the life-changing story of a noble man once upon a French era in the XVth century.


Born to a modest family in the beautiful city of Beaune, Charles was known for his whimsical imagination since his young age. His storytelling talent transported the city's inhabitants through tales of fantasy and reality, coloring their lives with a touch of magic.


Becoming the Ruler's personal storyteller at the court of Beaune, Charles started meeting numerous painters and artists who visited the city for its artistic flair. Highly entertained by Charles' stories and fascinated by his curious passion, these comers from European port-cities offered him scented gifts from their own countries.


Startled by this sudden change of fate, Charles decided to follow his testator's wishes word by word. Through these scents, he could picture cities he'd always dreamt discovering and imagine encounters that flew him to the four corners of the world... 

The Story

Charles found a thrilling way to travel the world and feed his imagination. Every perfume told a people's story and nothing was more mesmerizing than that.

Combining his passion for scents and the unique collection of precious perfumes, Charles embarked on writing one of the world's most inspiring manuscripts on perfumes to date: "The Lost Manuscript of Perfumes", which he offered to his town.


He collected from these travelers, Charles decided to open his first shop of perfumes in Beaune. Nothing made him happier than sharing these scents and their stories with the people of his village.


When the Ruler decided to support his dreams by helping him gain the best perfume making expertise abroad, Charles returned home to craft the loveliest fragrance Beaune ever knew.


The perfume would combine in its essence the fervor of a great man with the best stories of scents from around the world, carrying the earned name of his creator, known till today as "Charles de Beaune". 

The Inspiration


The oldest and finest Romanesque Church all of Burgundy 


The Old Town of Beaune is so French


house of the dovecote beaune france 


Its also called Hotel-Dieu, built in 1413 and was used as a hospital since 1971.


It included a pharmacy, a laboratory for producing medicine and a kitchen. 

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